About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of Grace & Power is to inspire people to find fun in their pursuit of health and fitness. Bringing technique with safe practice for all fitness levels and a constant striving for growth in strength, artistry, and passion. We are never to old to learn something new and excel at it with hard work and a little fun.

About Us

Grace & Power offers Barre, Pilates, and Ballet classes for adults. Becka offers classes in different locations throughout NoCo. Grace & Power provides classes by renting out space at different businesses. Makes sure to check the schedule to see where the closest class to you is being held. We are currently holding classes in Berthoud and Loveland, CO. If you are interested in adding these services to your location or doing an event for your business with Grace & Power email or call for information. We would love to bring dance inspired fitness to you.

Becka Repp

Grace and Power was founded by Becka Repp, a dancer, and Barre enthusiast. Becka loved to dance as long as she can remember. At the young age of 8 she decided she wanted to be a professional dancer. Becka graduated college with a B.A. in dance from Mercyhurst College. After graduation she moved to Atlanta to dance with Atlanta Festival Ballet. After several years of teaching and dancing in Atlanta they moved to Scottsdale, AZ. Becka discovered her love of barre and dance fitness, while teaching in Arizona, at Ballet Fusion Fitness. Once she began teaching adults it was clear that was her true passion. Becka holds certifications in many formats. She has barre certifications from IBBFA and Barre and Soul. She is also Pilates, yoga, PBT, and Cecchetti Ballet Method certified.

Becka moved to Loveland, CO with her family in 2018. She missed teaching and began teaching barre classes in her home. It was a wonderful community of moms and friends that were looking for fitness and connection with others. This community grew and so began, Grace & Power Fitness. Grace & Power Fitness offers barre, pilates, ballet classes, pop up events, and private lessons. Grace & Power offers classes throughout Northern Colorado in Berthoud and Loveland. The hours and locations are listed on the schedule. Book through Schedulicity or give us a call for more information.