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Upcoming Events:

Barre and Wine: September 10th 11am

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Classes offered:

    • Barre
    • Stretch and Tone (Barre)
    • Dance Conditioning/PBT
    • Mat Pilates
    • Adult Ballet for All Levels
    • Contemporary Dance
    • Events/Pop Ups

Class description:

GP Barre Tuesday/Thursday 5:30pm Virtual and In Studio
Our signature GP Barre is a class involving intense isometric movements that are sequenced in a way to elongate and lean out your muscles. Barre is a full-body, non-impact workout that is highly effective and utilizes your own body for resistance and light weights. There is also a strong focus on postural alignment and flexibility to create an effective and safe way to exercise that produces a beautifully sculpted body! Bring a yoga mat and water. Dress in comfortable workout clothes. Class is barefoot or with barre socks.

Stretch and Tone (Barre) Monday 5:30pm Virtual and In Studio
Stretch and Tone is a 60 minute barre class designed to strengthen, tone and stretch your body the way a dancer does. Half of the class will take place at the ballet barre and the other half will take place on the floor. This slow paced, no-impact class will get your body limber and your legs chiseled. This class is also excellent for foot and leg strength.
Bring a yoga mat and same attire as barre class above.

Mat Pilates Monday 5:30am Virtual Saturdays In Studio 10am
Pilates consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. Class will emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.
This class is through zoom. Sign up on schedulicity and you will be emailed a zoom link.

Ballet (All Level) Tuesday 5:30pm In Studio and Friday 9am
A traditional ballet class designed for all levels. No matter the experience level, class will be catered towards the needs of the students. Ballet is the heart of all dance. Come enjoy a tradition ballet class and get the true dancers workout. Comfortable workout clothes, hair pulled back, and ballet shoes recommended but not required.

Dance Conditioning/PBT Friday 8:30am In Studio
Core and Stability designed to work the core. This class will focus on balance, strength, alignment, and core strength. If you are recovering form an injury this class is great because it will use a large balance ball as a tool. This will take the pressure off the joints and allow low impact on the lower body while working on alignment.

Contemporary Dance (All Levels) On Demand
Contemporary fuses the principles of classical ballet technique with modern dance. This class is a great workout but so fun you almost forget your exercising! This class is open to all levels.