Grace and Power offers fitness classes for adults in Barre, Pilates, and Dance. Classes are offered Online, In Person, and On Demand.

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what is barre?

A form of exercise that incorporates movements derived from ballet into a full body low impact workout for all fitness levels.

  • Barre
    Barre is a class involving intense isometric movements that are sequenced in a way to elongate and lean out your muscles.
  • HIT Barre
    High Intensity Training meets Barre is designed to get the heart rate up and increase the calories being burned.
  • Stretch & Tone
    Stretch and Tone (Barre) is a 60 minute class is designed to strengthen, tone and stretch your body the way a dancer does.
  • Core & Stability
    Core and Stability designed to work the core. This class will focus on balance, strength, alignment, and core strength.


Our Mission

The mission of Grace & Power is to inspire people to find fun in their pursuit of health and fitness. Bringing technique with safe practice for all fitness levels and a constant striving for growth in strength, artistry, and passion. We are never to old to learn something new and excel at it with hard work and a little fun.

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