21 Day Challenge

As we start our 21 days of fitness I am so excited. We will work hard and make a commitment to ourselves to move and exercise for 21 days. Some times we won’t feel like it. Any kind of movement counts. A workout, some stretching, maybe try something new On Demand and spice up your normal routine.

I know that this will be hard and fun. I have seen it year after year when we do this challenge. I am always proud of the effort everyone makes and the improvements that come through that commitment. Here is what I have taken away from this in past years.....

We all want to do more! We start off the challenge with energy and commitment but life gets in the way sometimes. Carving out a part of your day that you dedicate to yourself is hard. Make it a little easier by being realistic. Come up with a plan. A rest day with stretch and foam rolling is just as important as a hard push day. Don't go too hard and burn out in the first few days. And last but not least invite a friend. Invite a friend to come to class and go grab a drink after. A workout with friends is always more fun and could be just the motivation you need. However the 21 days goes for you have fun and don’t be too hard on yourself. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to seeing you at the barre soon. Lets raise the barre together! Invite a friend and lets start the holiday season Barre Strong!