What do you Need for Barre at Home……

What you might Need When you are Taking Barre at Home……

1. Yoga mat or towel
2. Barre, chair, or counter top
3. 1-2 pd hand weights, water bottles, or canned goods
4. Resistance Loop Band
5. Small pilates ball or pillow

When you take barre classes online at home it is very convenient but it can leave you missing the experience of classes in the studio. A class in the studio with all the equipment you need is nice but not always possible. Right now with so many places doing online classes and On Demand Subscriptions buying some exercises equipment for home helps you get the most out of your workout. While barre can be done without any equipment the tools make it more fun and add a challenge. So check out the exercise aisle the next time you go to the store and get ready to enjoy barre even more from home. Grace and Power offers rentals if you are looking to try some classes. Email us to find out more.