What Make Grace and Power Different

When Grace and Power began it was community of moms in the basement. We enjoyed sweating, laughing, pulsing, tucking, and burning it out together downstairs while the kids were upstairs with a babysitter. It began as a group of friends and grew. As the word got out that moms could work out and have childcare our barre classes expanded. Soon the thought of growing the business to a barre studio in Loveland was starting to take shape. Grace and Power open in November of 2019.

The Creative Arts Space has been the perfect place to house Grace and Power Fitness. We were offering barre and dance classes with childcare there until COVID. After things shut down Grace and Power maintained their classes through Zoom. These friendships and Barre Community is a very important part of our mission. Now things are starting to go back to In Studio and Virtual Barre. We have continued to offer childcare by appointment to parents during classes. Moms need a break more than ever right now. Grace and Power is a safe place where parents and kids can come to work out and have fun. We can’t wait to see the day when childcare and classes can be full again with laughter, sweat, barre, and dance classes. The Loveland community is amazing and we love being a part of it. Can’t wait to see you at the barre soon.